Men can be a bitch. Women can be a bitch. Being a bitch  means YOU are stopping YOURSELF from HAPPINESS or SUCCESS in any arena. You may see “DON’T BE A BITCH” and think “man, that’s intense.” IT IS!

Most environments have a code of conduct. In a library, you should be quiet. At a sporting event, you might scream and yell. In life, DON’T BE A BITCH. Don’t limit your potential. There are plenty of deterrences in life.. don’t be one to yourself.

If you bust your ass for a goal, a promotion, or the next level of advancement, and someone beats you out, that’s not being a bitch. As long as you put out your best effort. Now, if you are inline for said promotion and you doubt yourself or limit yourself from getting it, that’s being a bitch.

My intense passion about this topic stems from bad decisions I made as a young adult. Every time I pulled a bitch move on myself I had a feeling of embarrassment on the inside, knowing I had taken the easy route. Instead of rolling up my sleeves, I quit. In college I passed every subject except math. Instead of getting engaged by the class, I quit on it. Nobody that knew me, knew I quit for a few weeks, but inside when I made the decision to drop that class, I felt sick. I felt sick because I quit on myself. That’s a bitch move. If today’s me could go back and talk to me in college, I’d put my arm around college me and say “I know things are tough, but you can do this. So, grab your back pack get to class and ‘DBAB.’ I take full accountability for being a bitch at that moment. It wouldn’t be the last time I’d have to take full accountability for something like that.

Veterans can be a bitch too! I WAS one. I say was because I made a lot of changes to stop. PTSD is real thing that vets battle with after returning from a tour (or tours) of duty. For context, I suffered through flashbacks, re-living certain situations in my dreams, living with anxiety because I didn’t know what it was. If I did get sleep it was minimal and when I woke up it was in a state of depression. I give those living conditions for context of how I was existing. I wasn’t living, I was existing. I knew I wasn’t right… something was off. The VA was trying different pills to figure it out, I was getting frustrated. A friend offered a possible solution. A drug and rehab facility. I did not have an addiction problem. I abused at times, but not an addiction by any means. I remember thinking “Na man, I’m cool on that.” Then something clicked inside. A DBAB moment. I said “why not, bro? Look how you’re living.” I took him up on it. It was the best decision I made since getting out of the military. I had a renewed gratitude for things that I had instead of dwelling on what I didn’t.  I was able to regain my sense of purpose in helping the next vet that tries to get reestablished back as a civilian. If I had let myself stop me from this opportunity I don’t know where I’d be today.

These are personal examples of how I got to a fork in the road of life, and had to look at myself. My MENTAL make up. My PHYSICAL make up. And my SPIRITUAL make up. When you are mentally weak, you will take the easy way instead of embracing the suck. The easy way is a cheap trick to fool yourself if you’re mentally weak. The right way is rewarding if you’re mentally aware.


I have struggled with having negative mindset for years. It’s taken a ton of work but I am starting to see myself on the other side. 

If you can relate and have a negative voice in your head at times (or all the time) click on the button below. I share a few thoughts about how to come out of it. 

We can join forces to create a more positive collective mindset for the world!

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