Listen, life of any sort, athlete or not, the severity of this pandemic should not be taken lightly. Some people have it much worse than others.. However, we have no option but to adjust everything around us to make it work. Key words there… “adjust to make it work.” We are humans and we are more than capable of making adjustments. We just have to have the right mindset and attitude to do so. 

I am a high-level athlete and while the gym is high on the priority list, I’ve adjusted. I took a step back to focus on my mental state of not only becoming the best athlete I can be when the world opens back up, but the best human I can be on top of that. 

Being quarantined as an athlete is obviously not an easy task to take on. (We need to keep our gains!) However, mental health and a positive attitude far outweighs any physical ability. To be in the best possible physical state, you must have a superior mental state. And that should be top priority right now, athlete or not. 

Here’s my input on being quarantined for all humans out there. WORK ON YOURSELF: work on your well-being, your positive attitude, your happiness, your emotions, your goals, your diet, your at-home workouts, just YOURSELF! Working on yourself will only create a trickling effect on everyone around you. Family, friends, co-workers.. The better mental state YOU are in, the better they will also be and challenge themselves to be.

Quarantine is not to blame for a negative attitude, patience levels dropping, a shitty diet, not exercising etc.. If this is happening to you, it’s because of the mindset you are limiting yourself to. Change it. Self control and self motivation is HUGE during this time. If you can produce a positive mindset now, you will come out of this stronger mentally and physically than ever before. 

Quarantine is a mental game. It’s a challenge you should be taking head on. Overcome it, don’t let it overcome you. Don’t Be A Bitch, stay positive and stay motivated in becoming the best version of you possible!

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