Are you too hard on yourself? Are you battling your own mind on a daily basis?


I have been there. Break free from your mental shackles and start living the uplifting life you deserve.

Have you experienced these feelings? 

-You look in the mirror and think you’re not good enough

-You dwell too much on the past

-You live too much in the ‘why me’ mental state

-Your motivation levels often hit rock bottom 

-You start to get excited about something, but feel unworthy of it 

-You talk down on yourself

-You constantly think someone else can do it better than you can

-You think to yourself  “why would anyone listen to me?”

-You make big plans, but fail to follow through

-You start to believe the negative lies you are telling yourself…

It doesn’t have to be this way.

There is HOPE!

It is never too late for positive change.

For years I was my own worst enemy. I went through a very traumatic time in my life where I did things I was not proud of. 

For a long time afterward I was constantly talking down to myself. Beating myself up daily and limiting every ambition I ever had.


Even before that I had limiting beliefs about myself from childhood that were simply not true… but they held me back from not only meeting my potential but they even kept me from realizing some incredible talents I am so lucky to have!

I broke free.
You can too.

Through getting out of my comfort zone, I started to realize my inner voice was wrong.

By challenging myself, I started questioning what I thought I knew about myself… for the better.

By having support around me, I was able to grow in a direction I am proud of.

I have a lot of work left to do (we all do), but I am so grateful for how far I have come!

I realize how lucky I am and that life is an amazing journey.


Now, I want to help you do it too.

I want to help you realize all of your amazing talents and meet your true potential!

Don’t Be A Bitch

I love this phrase because it is a reminder of two important things:

1. Man up and get shit done! 

2. The most obvious – Be a good human to others – (don’t be a bitch.. yes, guys can be bitches too).

It helps me remind myself to take on challenges that might not be the most convenient thing.

Or to be kind when I’m feeling hangry.

Or to just try to do something I’m scared to take on.

But most importantly, it reminds me that the voice in my head telling me I’m not good enough is the bitch in me. “Don’t be that bitch”

All that said, there is an important aspect of this I need to share… the mantra, the mindset, the growth, and the progress… I didn’t get there alone. You don’t have to either.

You are not alone.

I want you to join me.

Join me and several of my friends in our quest to better ourselves and kill the self-limiting beliefs. 

To be a supportive community where everyone takes on challenges and pushes themselves together.

Where we accept each other for who we are, and the effort that is put forth… even if it looks different than our own.

Join the Don’t Be A Bitch Group. 

So how do you do it? It’s easy. 



Make a commitment to yourself.

The ‘Don’t Be A Bitch’ bracelet is just that. A commitment to make a change, stay positive and become a member of our group.

It is a reminder that you will not be the bitch of the voice in your head telling you “you can’t”.

It will give you strength when you doubt yourself.

It will keep you on track when you think about slipping up.

It will remind you that you are one of us.

You are in our group.

You are worthy, and loved, and strong.

So take the first small step to break free and bettering your life. Make that commitment to yourself and join us!

In this group, we take on periodic challenges together of all different kinds. We support one another and share our experiences and best practices. It’s an amazing vibe!

I’m so proud of it and I can’t wait for you to join.

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