It takes a special type of person to be motivated 100% of the time, a very special person. However, it takes some kind of person to give up on something they 100% believe in. 

I started this blog with one intention. And that intention was to help people. No matter how big or small, I wanted to be the person that was able to impact someone’s day or possibly their life in nothing but the most positive and uplifting way. Never did I think that starting a blog would turn into one of my biggest fears.

You see, I’ve always been afraid of things like spiders..(well really any sort of insect that crawls or flies), my feet hanging off the bed (someone is obviously gunna get me), swimming in deep water because my massive-ass legs will eventually take me under.. Ya know – things like that. 

This blog has officially created my biggest fear and that is… letting people down. I’ve never really cared too much about what people thought of me honestly, but now – since starting #dontbeabitch, it’s like I have a role to uphold and I feel like I have failed miserably. I’ve failed before, but each time before this, I failed myself. This time, I have failed people that were looking to me for guidance or some sort of positive influence throughout their day. And that feeling sucks!

I started this blog with my motivation levels at an all-time high and an all-time low. It just depended on the day… it was a motivational roller coaster. My life is a motivational roller coaster, but whose isn’t? It’s literally no fuckin excuse to give up on things or turn away when things get tough. We live in a world where stress seems to be a lingering factor more than it isn’t. You ‘have’ to get this done, you ‘have’ to get that done… so we tend to push things that ‘don’t HAVE to be done’ on the back burner and that eventually takes a toll on overall happiness.

I started this blog to enhance that happiness/sense of accomplishment in other people’s lives and to show and prove that getting out of your comfort zone is a solid first step to doing this. It’s empowering to do something you never thought you would or could do, regardless of the end result. It’s a feeling of achievement and we NEED these feelings as stepping stones for our overall happiness. 

Unfortunately, I fell shy of that for a bit – I literally got terrified because of how many people actually reached out saying how inspiring/helpful it really is for them and how many people were apart of my #dontbeabitch challenges! THIS WAS MY WHOLE FUCKING GOAL of starting this and I ran away like a bitch thinking – “why are people coming to ME for advice and someone to look up to?” 

I have had numerous thoughts about giving up and just saying ‘well, at least I tried’… FUCK NO! I haven’t even started. So, here’s to #dontbeabitch. Here’s to saying ‘fuck you’ to the negative, worthless thoughts that decide to take a stroll through your head and tackling them straight on!

And although, I may not have ‘professional’ advice, it is advice from one human to another trying to live the happiest/most rewarding life I can and I will pass that along ANYDAY!

Photos by @jfalasco

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