Daily Bitch Do's

Things I do every single day to make my life better and happier

1. Positive self talk

This was a hard one to overcome, but I’m there. I fucking did it. And if I can do this one, anybody can and it is an extremely beneficial start to the day.

All you have to do is take a look in the mirror in the morning and tell yourself one positive thing. Absolutley ANYTHING. If you can start everyday on a positive note, the rest of your day will be so much better, I can assure you that! You can ALWAYS find something you like and appreciate about yourself. Look in the mirror and remind yourself.

Long story short and one example on why I started  doing this –

I get compliments on my legs/body everyday. Unfortunately, I didn’t ever believe them and I had never seen what other people see when I look in the mirror. I hated my stomach. I hated my ‘love handles’. My arms could look better… I ragged on everything about me and I did for years.

One day, I found a glimpse of my self in a mirror and had to do one of those double checks because I saw it. I finally saw what everyone else tells me every single day. I smiled in pure appreciation of myself and it was beyond the way I looked. I had never done that before. It felt fucking awesome.

When I felt this once, I wanted to feel it everyday. One positive reminder to myself in the morning is making this happen.

The point of this one is to get people to stop judging themselves. The world has gone to shit with a negativity bubble around it. I was stuck in it for years. Unfortunately, many people are, but you don’t have to be! Look in the mirror and love yourself first every single day.

2. Say ‘I love you’

This is simple. So simple. If you love someone and you talk to them, tell them you love them before you leave or hang up the phone. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

3. Meditate

If you are anything like me and your mind also goes 100 mph at all times,  your focus and concentration levels aren’t the best – you’re already thinking that meditation won’t work for you. Wrong, so wrong. Because I thought the same thing and this shit actually works.

Transcendental Meditation (TM) isn’t your typical mediation where you are focusing on your breathing or your focusing on some sort of image or whatever some other meditations tell you to ‘focus’ on. I’m not going to go into detail because if you do believe me that it works or have ever wanted to try meditation, but have been hesitant for whatever reason, you will google TM right after you read this.

I would have never gone through with this or even looked into it if it weren’t for someone I 100% respect recommending it to me. It’s a big commitment as you do have to fork out some money for it and I was not in a stable financial situation at the time, but I am telling you, it was well worth it. It makes days so much smoother and easier to get through because when you are done, you ARE more focused and able to concentrate better. It is worth the 20-40 minutes a day every. single. time.

However, if you are not a believer in meditation, that is totally fine. I still think taking 20 or so minutes to yourself a day — No phone, no technology and in silence, will help clear some space and energy in your head that will be beneficial for the rest of the day.

4. Give Someone A Compliment

This is something I have recently began doing and seeing the smile of gratitude on someone’s face and the ‘thank you’ in return is a day changer.

You can make someones entire day by telling them something so simple. Anything from telling some random stranger that you like their hair or their outfit — to telling someone you’ve been watching work their ass off day in and day out that you SEE the hard work, effort and progress they are making. 

I was never big on giving compliments often because in my head, my thought was -‘they won’t care, it’s only coming from me, so it doesn’t mean anything.’

That was part of my old negative brain thinking and where the positive self talk has really benefitted because that thought was beyond false in every way. So why not spread some love, the world clearly needs it. And the payoff is heartwarming. 


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