Creating positive outcomes in crazy times.

by Apr 5, 2020Personal Growth2 comments

Only a couple of weeks ago we were hangin’ out on the beach, goin to grab a few beers with friends, working out like it was nothing. That was so different than it is today. It’s fucking insane to even fathom, but we have to. We are all in the middle of this pandemic, so fathom away and let’s make the best of it…

More people than not often use the phrase, “I don’t have time.” Well…because of the situation we are currently in, we do now (most of us). Use it wisely, while we can. 

Use it to learn how to eat right. Use it to spend the time with your family. Use it to read those extra 25 pages in your book you’ve been trying to finish. Use it to close your eyes and take 20 minutes to YOURSELF. Use it to do some extra push ups or sit ups. Use it to do yoga. Use it to finish the puzzle. Use it to have an actual conversation with a loved one. Use it to catch up with someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Use it to do your spring cleaning. Use it to write your thoughts down. Use it to teach your dog a new trick. Use it to finish something you started. You get what i’m saying…. Just USE IT! You FINALLY have it! 

Use this extra time to help prioritize and create a better mindset for YOU to use during this crisis and make it so good that it’s something you can and WILL carry on with once this pandemic is over. It is never too late to create a better, more useful mindset, especially one that will help you in the short and long term. Create long-lasting happiness and positivity!

It’s time to work on yourself. Your patience. Your why and who means what to you in life. If you work on this, it will create a spiraling positive effect for everyone around you. Trust me, they are watching. Find things that give you joy. Do things that will make a difference. 

For those of you that are struggling to make the switch to constantly being stuck at home, I am here to help. I have worked from home for almost 5 years now and I have more than acclimated to the at-home lifestyle and keeping productivity levels up. 

I have tips and tricks I do everyday to make the most with my time and be productive when I am getting distracted from work. And If you are out of work, I have some fun things to do to stay productive and even some quick workout burners if you’re lookin’ for some extra out-of-the box physical activities! 

Please reach out to me and I will help the best I can! The world will get through this, do your part, grow as a human and stay positive <3



I have struggled with having negative mindset for years. It’s taken a ton of work but I am starting to see myself on the other side. 

If you can relate and have a negative voice in your head at times (or all the time) click on the button below. I share a few thoughts about how to come out of it. 

We can join forces to create a more positive collective mindset for the world!

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