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8 weeks to WOW challenge

An 8 week challenge focused on strengthening both your mind AND body with a customized workout program and included life coaching sessions. Starting 9/4/23

We live in a world where every day societal norms and situations constantly create mental and physical despair.

Below are common “inner voice” narratives that are a product of modern pressures. Do you recognize any?

-You look in the mirror and think you’re not good enough

-You live too much in the ‘why me’ mental state

-Your motivation levels often hit rock bottom 

-You aren’t happy with your physical fitness

-You start to get excited about something but feel unworthy of it 

-You talk down on yourself

-You set out to meet a goal (like eat healthy), but fail again and again

-You are disappointed with the way you look

-You make big plans, but fail to follow through

-You start to believe the negative lies you are telling yourself…


It doesn’t have to be this way.

There is HOPE!

You need a mental and physical challenge that will push you to break bad habits.

For years I was my own worst enemy. I had lived most of life constantly talking down to myself. Beating myself up daily and limiting every ambition I ever had.

But I learned how to break free from these limiting beliefs. By getting out of my comfort zone, challenging myself, developing healthy habits, and leaning on my support system.

That’s what I designed this challenge to be for you!

I broke free.
You can too.

Through getting out of my comfort zone, I started to realize my inner voice was wrong.

By challenging myself, I started questioning what I thought I knew about myself… for the better.

By having support around me, I was able to grow in a direction I am proud of.

I have a lot of work left to do (we all do), but I am so grateful for how far I have come!

I realize how lucky I am and that life is an amazing journey.


Now, I want to help you do it too.

I want to help you realize all of your amazing talents and meet your true potential!

The body follows the mind.

When you change the perception of what you are capable of mentally, the physical effects follow. This challenge will be hard, and it will push you, but it will re-shape what you think is possible for you and expose you to new possibilities. This comes in the form of consistent physical effort, mental challenges, and refraining from mental crutches. Don’t worry, we take things one step at a time making new habits and challenges manageable. My life coaching sessions have been the most rewarding times in my life. Check out the testimonials! 

Remember: results are the body and mind’s adaptation to pushing limits.

Just move.

I don’t need to explain all of the studies that talk about the benefit of physical exercise. This challenge is designed to get you moving every day in a manageable and healthy way.

This comes in the form of a group exercise class that I programmed specifically for this challenge. You will get 3 full workouts per week daily led by me at the gym, with the best equipment around! There will be hard days, and light days, but we will do them all together and make exercise fun!

You get out what you put in.

What you put in your body can have a dramatic effect in a positive or negative way.

This challenge does address a few nutrition tips as a key element to successful living. That being said, I believe that a positive change to nutrition is only as successful as it is sustainable. We will include a couple of nutritional changes, but ones that will give you the most impact. This is NOT a nutrition challenge, so we will not go in depth here during our 8 weeks together as we are already going to be making life long impacts with the other two! Remember: small steps, we don’t want any overwhelm.


We do this together.

I would not have made the progress I have without a support system around me. So we will do this together! 

We will have a private Facebook/Whatsapp group where we will talk about difficulties, strategies, wins and emotions that come up. 

You will have friends pushing you, holding you accountable, and supporting you along the way. Don’t miss this rewarding and life-changing opportunity! Every successful human has a team of humans to back them up and cheer them on!

What is included?

The 8-Week Mind and Body Wellness Challenge

When you sign up for the 8-Week Mind and Body Wellness Challenge, you are setting out on a transformative journey. Here’s what the challenge offers:

Three Weekly Group Workouts (60 mins each)

Designed to cater to your physical abilities and personal goals, these workouts promise to help you gradually build strength, endurance, and stamina.

Weekly Life Coaching Session (45-60 mins)

As a certified Jay Shetty Life Coach, these sessions aim to uncover the mental barriers that are holding you back. We’ll help you understand the source of your limitations, and then create an action plan to overcome them. (check out my life coaching testimonials!)

Convenient Timing

I understand how precious your time is. The workout schedules are designed to be flexible and accommodate most personal and work routines.

Community Support

You’re not alone on this journey. You will join a group of like-minded individuals all working towards similar goals. Their support and camaraderie will keep you motivated and inspired throughout the challenge.


Regular check-ins and progress reports ensure you stay on track toward your goals. These tools will keep you accountable, motivated, and eager to continue your journey.

Constant Monitoring and Adjustment

As you progress through the program, we’ll continually assess and adjust your plan. This ensures that the program remains effective and tailored to your evolving needs.

Identify What Works for You

Not every approach suits everyone. We’ll help you identify the strategies that resonate with you and contribute most effectively to your mental growth.

Build Sustainable Habits

We believe in creating change that lasts. Throughout the program, we’ll help you establish daily habits that promote long-term success.

Lifestyle Transformation

This isn’t just a program – it’s a pathway to a new lifestyle. By focusing on the connection between your mind and body, I’ll guide you towards a lifestyle of growth, fulfillment, and overall wellness.

I want you to join me in September 2023.

Join me and several of my friends in our quest to better ourselves and kill the self-limiting beliefs. 

To be a supportive community where everyone takes on challenges, both mental and physical, and pushes themselves together.

Where we accept each other for who we are, and the effort that is put forth… even if it looks different than our own.

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