“Wow, I love your legs, how did you get them like that?!”

“Your legs are disgusting and they look like buffalo legs”


Yes, my body type is an acquired taste, but isn’t literally everything in the world?

Some people see the hard work and dedication and appreciate it and I appreciate them for that. Some people accuse, shit talk and say it ‘isn’t natural’ when they have zero fucking knowledge on what they are talking about, but those comments don’t bother me.


My background: I was a gymnast for 15 years. Level 10 for 6 of those years. I have done CrossFit now for 9 years. That’s 24 YEARS of continuously working out. I can assure you that those years have everything to do with my legs being the way they are, period.


I will tell you one thing though, when I’m 70 years old, I will be able to climb mountains. I will be the person twice someone’s age that says ‘how does she do that?’ I will be the one still travelling the world. Hiking, biking, walking, (probably still not running haha) but you get it.


Right now I’m a high-level athlete, but I won’t be forever. In fact, my training went from 2-4 hours a day to what is now.. 15-45 minutes 4-5 times a week. The main reason for this drastic change, my short-term goals have changed. I don’t care to be a great CF athlete anymore. I don’t want to go to the CF Games anymore. I have fallen so in love with the sport of GRID, that I simply do not need to workout like I used to. Could I? Sure. Do I need to to be a good GRID athlete? The answer is simple, no.


My secondary reason for change: I am getting old-ish. I have many aches and pains that I never used to have. Therefore, I am adapting to what I can do to minimize the potential of getting hurt. It’s simply not worth it. I’m maximizing on those 15-45 minutes I work out. I’m not lifting as heavy as I used to and I’m perfectly fine with that. I don’t need to be the strongest person on the GRID. I need to do everything in my power to contribute to my role on the team.


What I do now, is setting myself up for the ‘now’ (GRID) while also setting myself up for my future (Travel) and if you agree, I hope you’re using me as inspiration to guide you on that path. If you don’t agree, well good luck getting off the couch when you’re old because the haters won’t even cross my mind when I’m on top of that mountain with my big ass legs!


I have struggled with having negative mindset for years. It’s taken a ton of work but I am starting to see myself on the other side. 

If you can relate and have a negative voice in your head at times (or all the time) click on the button below. I share a few thoughts about how to come out of it. 

We can join forces to create a more positive collective mindset for the world!

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