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Why Life Coaching?

A life coaching professional can help over a large range of topics. Anything from personal growth, whether it’s building self-confidence or managing stress and anxiety all the way to things like career development. Even things like relationships to health & wellness. It can be a very broad or very specific topic and we will help you pinpoint the root of the cause and build habits that work for you to get where you want to be.

By being curious and asking questions, we get you to think about everything to the deepest level. We guide you down the path to full clarity and create that bigger picture vision while setting specific goals that can be measured and carried out over time. 

The best part, Life Coaches are very specific and personalized to guide YOU to achieve YOUR end goal. 


Why Me?

As a certified Jay Shetty Life Coach, I have the knowledge and experience to help guide you on a path towards self fulfillment. I will guide you on a thought provoking journey to new perspectives and help you build the habits you need to live the life you want. With my full empathy and energy, I will guide you on the path with zero judgement, zero force and zero pressure. I will be on your level and stand where you stand and be alongside you the whole way. 

As a professional Life Coach, I am here to listen and ask you questions that better help you understand your WHY and dig to the root of what is holding you back from reaching your goals which, in turn, make you get out of your comfort zone and that’s where the growth starts. 

Why Now?

Chances are that if you’re reading this, there’s something in your life you are unhappy or unsure about. Something you don’t know how to navigate or work through. If you are reading this, it’s probably something that has been eating at you for a while now and when is there going to be a better time break through it? The answer is now. There is no right time or better time. The time is the present to start breaking down those barriers. Starting now only sets you up for a better tomorrow and a successful future.     

New Years Resolution – ‘not giving a fuck what anyone thinks about me’

  Trichotillomania - 'a compulsive desire to pull out one's hair.' I’ve had this since I was a child. I remember the exact moment when/how it started. I’m 29 years old. I’ve spent 22 years of my life with this disorder, yes it is a disorder, and I’m pretty...

Why I do what I do.

“Wow, I love your legs, how did you get them like that?!” “Your legs are disgusting and they look like buffalo legs”   Yes, my body type is an acquired taste, but isn’t literally everything in the world? Some people see the hard work and dedication and appreciate it...

“My Bryleigh’s Burner Experience” – Guest post #2 by: Mather Wiswall

For all the skeptics out there, yes, I am Bryleigh’s boyfriend. You might assume that would bias my opinion. If that’s the case, I’ll lead with this…  I didn’t always believe in this Burner style workout.  About a year ago, she would tell me about these “pumpy”...

GRID vs. CrossFit

I was a gymnast for 14+ years... so I’ve always been a competitive person and had that competitive edge my entire life.  After being done with gymnastics, I found CrossFit. Being a high level gymnast automatically translates positively for CrossFit, so I had a huge...

“This must be the place.” – Guest post #1 by: Raul Galaviz

Men can be a bitch. Women can be a bitch. Being a bitch  means YOU are stopping YOURSELF from HAPPINESS or SUCCESS in any arena. You may see “DON'T BE A BITCH” and think "man, that’s intense." IT IS! Most environments have a code of conduct. In a library, you should...

Life of an ‘athlete’ during a pandemic

Listen, life of any sort, athlete or not, the severity of this pandemic should not be taken lightly. Some people have it much worse than others.. However, we have no option but to adjust everything around us to make it work. Key words there… “adjust to make it work.”...

Creating positive outcomes in crazy times.

Only a couple of weeks ago we were hangin' out on the beach, goin to grab a few beers with friends, working out like it was nothing. That was so different than it is today. It’s fucking insane to even fathom, but we have to. We are all in the middle of this pandemic,...

No, I’m not giving up

It takes a special type of person to be motivated 100% of the time, a very special person. However, it takes some kind of person to give up on something they 100% believe in.  I started this blog with one intention. And that intention was to help people. No matter how...

“Camera’s are my enemy”

I went into this photoshoot with the lowest of expectations. 1. Because I am scared shitless of being in front of cameras. I get shy, embarrased and awkward as fuck. 2. I’ve never been a fan of looking at myself. 3. I’ve only ever really done 2 photoshoots before and...

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Why I do what I do.

Why I do what I do.

“Wow, I love your legs, how did you get them like that?!” “Your legs are disgusting and they look like buffalo legs”   Yes, my body type is an acquired taste, but isn’t literally everything in the world? Some people see the hard work and dedication and appreciate it...


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